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  • How Fog Harvesting Liberates the Women of Sidi Ifni in Morocco

    At an altitude of 1,225 meters, at the top of Mount Boutmezguida in Morocco, an innovative technology captures water droplets from the fog. This ambitious project has already changed the lives of 300 women and girls, who are freed from the burden of having to collect water.

  • Women’s Football Is Gaining New Ground in Morocco, and Mentalities Are Shifting, Too

    In recent years, the landscape of Moroccan sport has changed significantly due to the emergence of the Atlas Lionesses, the national women’s football team. An investment that has also brought about a shift in mentalities in Moroccan society.

  • Morocco: How Tibu Africa Uses Sport to Transform Women’s Lives

    Founded in 2011 in Morocco, Tibu Africa aims to create genuine pathways to personal and professional success through sport. Programs launched by this NGO have had a major social impact, and managed to reach more than 250,000 participants in 2022, with a focus on girls’ and women’s emancipation and their socio-economic empowerment.