International Women’s Day Special

From Ukraine to Afghanistan, from the United States to Iran (to only name a few), women were at the heart of a lot of breaking news in 2022.  But before the news breaks, it builds. Which led us to wonder about the stories that still haven’t made the headlines, that are happening in the background, quietly setting up the next breaking news, and affecting millions of women on an everyday basis.

We thought we’d take the time to look back at how women made the headlines this past year to better look ahead to what’s coming next with journalists and organizations that put gender at the heart of their work all year long.


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What does International Women’s Day mean in 2023?


Three organizations that work daily to achieve gender equality (Equal Measures 2030, Equimundo and Women in Global Health) tell us what March 8 means to them.

Lisa Falco on the Gender Data Gap, Health, and AI Bias


The Swiss data scientist has been working on healthcare technology for a decade and a half. In this discussion with her, we covered the basics — from what data actually is to why it’s so important — before getting into the specifics of the gender data gap in medicine and in tech.

Sophie Knowles

Gender in Economic News: How We Can Help Close the Gap(s)


Researcher and senior lecturer Sophie Knowles specializes in economic journalism. Amid several projects on how economics, news and gender intersect, she discusses why the economy is one of the less inclusive beats and what journalists and media organizations can actively do about it.

Data & Studies

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What Is the Gender Data Gap?

What Is the Gender Data Gap, and Why Does it Matter?


There’s a lack of information about how half of the population experiences the world. Being aware of what can’t be seen (at first) is important to reflect the world more accurately in the news.

Business and Finance are the Least Inclusive Sections in the News


Women are underrepresented in the news, especially in economy-related stories. Here are the big picture numbers you need.

Data on Women Is Missing... Here’s Some Data About It


There are many gender gaps in the world we live in, and one of them has to do with data. The gender data gap not only exists, but it also feeds and deepens other gaps. Here are some initiatives trying to track it where it happens and hopefully minimize it.

In the Newsroom

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Behind the News, with Francesca Donner, Mariya Shahsawar, Pamela Morinière and Haanya Malik

2022: A Turning Point for Women in the News?


Afghan reporters Mariya Shahsawar and Haanya Malik, US-based editor Francesca Donner, and French gender expert on media and head of Communications at the International Federation of Journalists Pamela Morinière reflect on the past year and what it means for the future of journalism.

Hot off the Press: The Gender Data Gap


Here’s a selection of pieces that caught our attention in relation to the “gender data gap,” our focus theme in February 2023.

Shreya Raman

Shreya Raman on how to make the most of data in your reporting


Reporting at the intersection between gender, caste and disability, the 27-year-old data journalist (BehanBox, FT, IndiaSpend, Nikkei Asia…) has learned to uncover the stories that hide under statistics. In a new episode of “Peer-to-Peer”, she tells us about her data journey, and shares useful tips for those of us who aren’t data specialists.


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