In the past decade, we’ve seen the gender-sensitive approach to journalism gain more attention within newsrooms, notably with the creation of gender editor roles in mainstream media outlets. Yet gender journalism remains an under-recognized kind of journalism. The journalists that practice it often find themselves battling to convince decision-makers in their newsroom of the “worthiness” of a gender-focused story, or why a given angle or wording is reductive, stereotypical, or just openly sexist. This leads to a certain sense of isolation, according to the gender journalists we’ve discussed this with. 

At Sparknews, we believe in the importance of collaboration and mutual support. So naturally, we wanted to help build bridges between all these professionals doing essential work to advance gender equality, and to provide them with safe spaces where they feel less lonely in their work. Thus is born the Gender Journalism Network.

At the start, it was a small group of gender editors we’ve known for a while. Since then, the network has been gradually growing. We are currently working on creating different opportunities for all kinds of gender-focused journalists from around the world to connect, exchange ideas and best practices, and learn from each other. 

If you’re a gender journalist and want to join our network, please feel free to reach out to us via this form, or you can request to join our LinkedIn group and we’ll contact you.