Annette Young on Journalism, Gender and War

15/12/2022     46 sec read

Annette Young

For our second episode of “Peer-to-Peer”, we had a chat with Annette Young, news anchor at France 24.

She is a news TV presenter and the host and creator of “The 51 Percent” on France 24, a show that strives to promote gender equality through a focus on women’s stories and perspectives in all fields.

Throughout her career, Annette Young has worked as a reporter, a producer and many other positions for different Australian and French news outlets such as The Sydney Morning Herald, Special Broadcasting Service and Agence France-Presse. She has also served as a France 24 correspondent in the Middle East for three years.

In this new episode of “Peer-to-Peer”, Annette Young tells us about how “The 51 Percent” came to be, the initial reactions she faced and how her colleagues’ take on it evolved over the years. We also talk about what the coverage of the war in Ukraine says about women’s representation in conflict-related stories.