Three organizations that work daily to achieve gender equality (Equal Measures 2030, Equimundo and Women in Global Health) tell us what March 8 means to them.

07/03/2023     2 min 50 sec read

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Lisa Falco on the Gender Data Gap, Health, and AI Bias

08/02/2023     14 min read


The Swiss data scientist has been working on healthcare technology for a decade and a half. In this discussion with her, we covered the basics — from what data actually is to why it’s so important — before getting into the specifics of the gender data gap in medicine and in tech.

Untold stories

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Hot off the Press: The Gender Data Gap

08/02/2023     2 min 53 sec


Here’s a selection of pieces that caught our attention in relation to the “gender data gap,” our focus theme in February 2023.

In the Newsroom

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Business and Finance are the Least Inclusive Sections in the News

09/01/2023     40 sec


Women are underrepresented in the news, especially in economy-related stories. Here are the big picture numbers you need.

Data & Studies

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